Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Jonny Thomson writes about the philosophy of "lagom" as an alternative to perpetually demanding more. But Matt Gurney notes that on a rapidaly warming planet, the former luxury of air conditioning is becoming a necessity for far more people - even if that fact isn't reflected in policy. 

- Adam King discusses how class struggle is on the rise - particularly in the sense of workers fighting back against the exploitation taken as a given by employers. And Jim Stanford warns us not to be taken in by spin seeking to justify increased inequality and suppressing benefits for workers in the name of fighting inflation. 

- Shawn Micallef calls out the City of Toronto for raiding homeless people without having any plan to provide alternative acceptable accommodations. And Elizabeth Mulholland points out the need to start treating poverty and income insecurity as serious public policy problems which demand action. 

- Fiona Harvey writes that the world's largest grain traders are predictably among the corporate interests raking in massive profits by hiking prices - making them a likely source of substantial revenue from any windfall profit tax. And Geoff Dembicki calls out Pierre Poilievre for falsely blaming revenue-neutral carbon levies rather than oil industry profiteering for out-of-control gas prices. 

- Finally, Luke LeBrun discusses how Poilievre refuses to name or disassociate himself from Jeremy McKenzie and associated violent extremists - choosing instead to criticize the media for pointing out how he's allying himself with racism and hate. 

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