Monday, August 22, 2022

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Eric Topol examines the growing body of knowledge about long COVID - and the need to use that awareness to develop the means to mitigate it. Lola Mayor reports on the example of one 10-year-old struggling to walk and talk as a horrifying example of the effects of a disease treated as "mild", while Jenny Jin et al. find that COVID appears to transmit in utero and stay in a fetus' body. And Adina Bresge examines the considerations for Canadians deciding whether to wait for new vaccines targeted toward Omicron - including the warning from Dr. Theresa Tam not to wait too long since a previous vaccination. 

- Akshay Kulkarni reports on the increase in sick leave among British Columbia nurses since the start of the pandemic. Emma Teitel discusses how the exodus of nurses from public health care settings can be traced to a lack of respect and fair wages. And Anne Helen Peterson rightly challenges the phrasing of "quiet quitting" to describe workers who do their jobs rather than sacrificing their own interests for the benefit of their employer. 

- David Sligar examines the importance of taking into account household composition in setting the terms of income-linked policies. And PROOF studies (PDF) the prevalence of food insecurity among Canadian families - with Alberta and Saskatchewan ranking among the provinces with the highest rates of hunger and associated problems. 

- Finally, Ian Welsh writes about the multiple factors creating immense social problems - even as the leaders with the theoretical authority to respond are increasingly selected solely for power accumulation rather than any ability to act in the public interest. 

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