Thursday, September 02, 2021

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Jocelyn Keehner et al. find that COVID infection is already common in highly-vaccinated health care workforces, while Berkeley Lovelace J. reports on the "mu" variant which seems to be able to evade existing immunity. Reuters reports on a study finding that one in seven children with COVID may have symptoms extended for a period of months, while Mary Van Beusekom reports on new research showing that long COVID may be a cause of severe kidney disease. 

- Zak Vescera reports on the dire state of Saskatoon emergency rooms as the fourth wave hits much of Saskatchewan, while Elis von Scheel reports on modelling suggesting Alberta may soon face 1,500 COVID hospitalizations in an already-strained health care system. And Lauren Pelley reports on the continued warnings by health care workers that public health rules are needed to slow the spread of a virus that's now out of control. 

- Laurie Adkin writes about the UCP's attempt to eliminate any function for Alberta's universities other than as sources of job skills to be exploited by employers. And Nicholas Hune-Brown points out the already-warped incentives in a post-secondary education system which relies disproportionately on high tuition paid by foreign students. 

- Finally, Justin Ling writes about the Trudeau government's failure to take any substantial steps to address the drug poisoning and overdose epidemic. Ryan McNally reports on the recognition of International Overdose Awareness Day at Saskatchewan's legislature - as well as the thousands of lives lost over just the past decade. And Jan Hoffman reports on the OxyContin settlement which is enabling the Sackler family to shelter billions of dollars acquired through the cultivation of human suffering in offshore trusts. 

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