Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- J. Stacey Klutts offers a summary of the lessons we've already learned about the Delta variant - including the need to combine a vaccination strategy with public health protections, rather than pretending one is a full substitute for the other. Pete McMartin writes that he's (understandably) lost patience with COVID deniers. And Andrew Nikiforuk writes about the need for people to step up where their governments are failing to protect the public. 

- Meanwhile, Candace Lipski reports on the exhaustion of ICU capacity in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford - endangering anybody with an urgent health condition of any kind. And Marlene Sokol reports on the five-figure COVID case count in the first week of Tampa Bay's return to school - offering an alarming indication of what might soon be in store in Canada. 

- Meanwhile, in case anybody was under the misapprehension that COVID is the only social and health crisis crying out for action, Morgan Black reports on the worsening human costs arising out of the opioid crisis in Edmonton. And Zak Vescera juxtaposes the increasing trend of people sleeping rough in Saskatoon even as shelter beds are empty due to unmanageable intake requirements. 

- Bryan Lufkin and Jessica Mudditt make the case for a shorter work week as a boost to health and well-being. 

- Finally, Saira Peesker writes about the lifelong loss of earnings arising out of mothers' departure from the workforce to manage the burdens created by the pandemic. 

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