Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Janet French reports on Alberta's appalling move toward a see-no-COVID, speak-no-COVID policy as a substitute for basic precautions in schools. Gabriella Fourie highlights why a rush toward a social "normal" would pose problems for many people even if it wasn't linked to and impending new wave arising out of the spread of dangerous new variants. And Katharine Smart writes about the need for us to act like grown-ups in order to protect our children. 

- Jonathan Watts reports on polling showing a supermajority of people in the G20 recognizing the severity of our impending climate breakdown and wanting to see survival and well-being prioritized over oil profits. Lauren Fuge examines the mortality cost of carbon as an alternative and compelling measure of the harm we inflict on ourselves by insisting on the opposite. Andrew Freedman makes the case for a realistic view of what we can still do, rather than throwing up our hands as avoidable damage continues. Rebecca Solnit writes that we know perfectly well what we need to do to rein in the climate crisis, while Matt Simon emphasizes the importance of limiting methane emissions in particular. And Merran Smith and Trevor Melanson remind us that Western Canadians - including fossil fuel industry workers - are more than ready for a transition to a sustainable economy. 

- John Last reports on the extreme concentration of housing in Canada's North in the hands of one exploitative private operator. 

- Finally, Zak Vescera reports on Saskatchewan's continuing lack of psychiatric care - and the lives being lost as a result. 

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