Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Dan Zakreski reports on Shannon Grant Tompkins' effort to share the stories of the people suffering from the spread of COVID-19. And David Climenhaga writes that poor government is leading to avoidable sickness and death as Alberta (like Saskatchewan and other provinces) apparently mistook earlier luck for competence and invincibility.

- Denise Balkissoon writes that the pandemic should serve as a warning that children aren't infinitely resilient (as they've been assumed to be for the purpose of enabling continued underfunding of schools and community programs). 

- Daniella Ponticelli reports on the people who have been deprived of any support at all due to the Moe government's insistence that they rely on temporary federal programs while making no effort to restore benefits once those expired.

- Anna Louise Sussman discusses New Zealand's effort to apply genuine pay equity by properly valuing work disproportionately performed by women. And Thara Kumar and Kayva Anchuri make clear that Albertans are prepared to stand up for the care workers currently being targeted by the Kenney UCP.

- Mitchell Thompson reports on Amazon's imposition of impossible expectations on employees who are seeing their health harmed as a result.  

- Finally, Seth Klein writes about the urgency of mobilizing against a climate breakdown. Jordan Press reports that even Tiff Macklem is pushing for stronger action than we've seen to date. And Alex Ballingall points out Canada's woeful record of missing even the least ambitious of emission reduction targets - which only stands to continue as the Trudeau Libs focus on subsidizing the oil sector rather than living up to our obligations under the Paris agreement.

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