Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Linda McQuaig discusses how the calamitous effect of COVID-19 shows the dangers of putting care in the hands of the corporate sector. And Christopher Reynolds reports on Jagmeet Singh's call to end the for-profit ownership of long-term care homes by the federal government. 

- Ricardo Tranjan notes that commercial landlords are among the private interests extracting extra profits COVID-19. And Jenny Cowley, Asha Tomlinson and Stephanie Matteis report that promised action against pandemic price-gouging has never materialized, leaving consumers on the hook for the greed of retailers.

- Rosa Saba reports on a push for paid sick days for the front-line workers most at risk in the midst of a pandemic.

- Global News reports on Michel Bastarache's findings of a toxic culture of misogyny and homophobia within the RCMP which likely can't be fixed from within.

- Finally, Seamus Heffernan calls out how inmates in Canada's prisons are fed insufficiently as a matter of both austerity and gratuitous punishment.

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