Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Andrew Nikiforuk discusses how a "COVID zero" strategy has been successfully executed elsewhere - and could be achieved in Canada as well. But in case we needed a reminder as to the numerous ways in which our current governments are falling painfully short of that goal, Katie Dangerfield reports on the hospitals which are already bursting at the seams as case loads are soaring; Alicia Bridges discusses the Crown corporation workers being forced to stay at the office even in positions which they performed from home this spring; Jason Warick reports on Scott Moe's arbitrary distinctions between communities in getting even to a mask mandate; Arthur White-Crummey reports on an outbreak at Moose Jaw's Thunder Creek pork plant; and Zak Vescera discusses how Fond du Lac is facing a severe outbreak without potable drinking water. And Andre Picard highlights the prospect that we'll need another full lockdown to get the current wave under control. 

- Carl Meyer notes that Canada stands out along with Saudi Arabia among the world's worst offenders in pouring public resources into dirty fossil fuels. And Alastair Marsh points out that even for people fixated on profits, the only sound investment strategy is to fund the transition to a clean economy.

- Rosa Saba discusses the potential for a national child care strategy - but also the danger that it might fall short of a universal non-profit model which actually ensures access to spaces for everybody who needs it.

- Jonathan Sas writes that any hope for meaningful change in the U.S. will need to be generated by social movements rather than the Biden administration. And John Clarke recognizes that the same principle applies in Canada as well.

- Finally, Paris Marx writes that the ad-based model of the Internet can't be expected to survive much longer.

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