Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wednesday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Dimitri Lascaris argues that while Donald Trump has lost the presidential election, the unfair society which allowed him to take power in the first place remains. And Susan Delacourt offers her take on the spread of Trumpism to Canada.

- The Star's editorial board writes that the future of work can't be limited to finding loopholes to continually increase corporate exploitation of workers. Michelle Bellefontaine reports on the Kenney UCP's moves to limit compensation for injured workers in Alberta. And Eric Blanc highlights the need for the labour movement to work on striking and winning in order to win concessions out of employers and governments alike.

- Linda Silas offers a warning about the dangers of relying on private funding and delivery of health care. Kenyon Wallace reports on how the theoretical regulation of private care homes rarely gives rise to enforcement, meaning that vulnerable people are left at the mercy of even the greediest and most negligent of private interests. And Janice Johnston reports on the COVID-19 outbreak at an Edmonton long-term care facility which serves as just the latest example of how the pandemic is taking advantage of poor protection for residents.

- Fair Vote Canada highlights Jagmeet Singh's effort to get the Libs to allow citizens a voice in how we're governed.

- Finally, CBC News reports on the failure of Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan to bother sending government representatives to a human rights meeting dealing with systemic racism.

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