Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- The Economist examines how much of Europe has been put into a renewed lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19. But PressProgress points out how Brian Pallister's rush to reopen has resulted in Manitoba seeing soaring infection rates rather than a limited fall wave. Michael Laxer examines how Doug Ford has similarly prioritized short-term business income over long-term economic and public health, while Jennifer Yang and Kate Allen expose how Ontario ignored the recommendations of public health experts, allowing for cases to balloon four times as much before setting a target for countermeasures. And a large and growing group of Saskatchewan doctors is calling for far stronger steps to control the coronavirus, while Laura Sciarpelletti reports on the precarious state of Saskatchewan care homes.  

- Katelyn Wilson and Roberta Bell report that at least one of Scott Moe's clawbacks of federal income supports - this one for a student with a disability - has been found to be invalid by the Social Services Appeal Board. 

- Ben Phillips discusses the need for popular organizing to push back against the inequality exacerbated by the pandemic. And Ethan Winter examines the widespread public support in the U.S. both for a $15 minimum wage, and for public investments in the communities and people who need the support most.

- Bob Weber reports on new research showing that current estimates of oilpatch methane emissions - which are used as the basis for emission targets - represent barely half of what's actually being spewed into the atmosphere.

- Finally, David Hughes fires back against the misleading attack launched against him by Jason Kenney's fossil fuel war room. And Max Fawcett points out that much of the anti-Canadian sentiment stoked in the name of Western Canadian oil relies on false claims about the effects of the National Energy Program - and particularly blaming it for low oil prices when it would in fact have relieved against their effects.

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