Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday #skvotes Links

News and notes on election eve in Saskatchewan.

- Julia Peterson reports on a record number of new COVID-19 cases in the province yesterday, while CKOM reports that Saskatoon's Lighthouse shelter has joined the lengthening list of outbreak sites. But Stephanie Taylor reports that Scott Moe's closing message includes the horrifically irresponsible declaration that he's not going to consider another lockdown no matter how devastating the outbreak gets.

- Finally, while plenty of people have already voted (and good news that some polls which had been slated for closure will be operating after all), there's once again reason for concern that people who act more responsibly than Moe in the face of the pandemic will lose their votes as a result

- Arthur White-Crummey reported on the NDP's Regina rally as a high-turnout, high-energy push for a change for the better.

- Murray Mandryk's closing analysis somehow manages to bothsides any attempt by the victims of Scott Moe's fatal car crash to ask for answers as being just the same thing as violence and vandalism directed at an NDP candidate. 

- Finally, CUPE examines how the Saskatchewan Party's austerity and privatization end up being counterproductive even as a matter of counting pennies - to say nothing of their devastating impact on people's lives.

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