Thursday, November 14, 2019

On rejected applications

Let's see what Scott Moe is demanding from the federal government now...
On the immigration file, one goal is to “assert provincial control over the [Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program] (SINP).”
Interesting. Now, there's certainly reason to question Moe's governance in a lot of areas. But surely he wouldn't be so foolish as to push for additional power over the exact program where his government is currently embroiled in a scandal...
Zhang said her consultant told her she wouldn't even have to live in Saskatchewan or personally run the business. She said a representative of the GTEC developer, Brightenview International, promised the same thing.

However, an arrangement like that is against the rules. The entrepreneurial category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) requires applicants to actively run their own business and live in the province.
In an email to CBC, Saskatoon lawyer Clara Bitzer, who has worked on several GTEC-related immigration files including Zhang's, said the project was "wholeheartedly endorsed by the government of Saskatchewan which went out of its way to encourage these applications."

(S)ince GTEC was launched, SINP has written letters of support for one hundred applicants. Sixty of those have been approved by Ottawa to start their business at GTEC. He said that so far the province has nominated one of those applicants for permanent residency.

MacFadden said he doesn't know the status of the forty that have not been approved by Ottawa. Brightenview acknowledges that some of them, like Zhang, have received denial letters from the federal government.
In other words, Scott Moe is loudly standing up for Saskatchewan scams, demanding that the federal government step aside from its jurisdiction over immigration to make sure nobody discovers his government's incompetence or the fraud it enables.

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