Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Morris Pearl and Pramila Jayapal make the case for raising more revenue from the people with the most to contribute. And Jayati Ghosh notes that a minimum effective corporate tax rate would go a long way toward avoiding the offshore sheltering of corporate wealth.

- Dan Traficonte and Ian Wells write about the need for public research and planning to support a Green New Deal. And Ellen Brown examines the potential for public banking to both better address underserved communities, and ensure that investment serves the common good.

- Meanwhile, Michael Leger points out how SNC Lavalin fits into the legacy of corporate and political cronyism reinforced by the Trudeau Libs - though I'd hope there's little doubt that we should expect more from our leaders than to accept self-serving spin about the economy depending on lawless corporatists never being held accountable for their actions. And Laila Yuile writes the SNC Lavalin is now trying to manipulate public opinion the way it's already pulled the strings in Trudeau's PMO.

- Dorothy Woodend interviews Phyllis Ellis about the hidden dangers lurking in poorly-regulated cosmetic and personal care products. And Sigal Samuel offers a reminder of the gender data gap resulting from the default assumption that consumers and patients are men.

- Finally, Omar Mosleh discusses the spread of violent white supremacy which is causing significant fear in Edmonton's minority communities. And Antonia Zerbisias highlights the need to fight the normalization of reactionary conservatism.

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