Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Bob Hepburn discusses how Doug Ford has turned a populist campaign into government solely for the benefit of the privileged few. And Paul Krugman rightly notes that it's the Republicans who stoke resentment in the U.S.' rust belt who actually express contempt for the plight of the people living there.

- Meanwhile, Ross Belot points out how far too many Albertans were snookered by the unfortunately-unchallenged claim that the grim future of the oil sector is the result of a lack of pipelines, rather than the absence of a business case for dirty and costly energy. And Campbell Clark writes that Andrew Scheer has made clear that he too is serving the immediate bottom line of oil barons rather than the interests of the Canadian public.

- Rabble points out new research showing that people living in poverty have to pay more for housing.

- James Bowden writes that unlike (and in direct contrast to) Justin Trudeau, Francois Legault's cAQ government is on the verge of implementing a proportional representation in Quebec based on an electoral mandate. And Andrew Coyne offers a reminder as to how outdated and unfair a first-past-the-post system is in a multi-party world.

- Finally, the Globe and Mail's editorial board highlights how decriminalization of drugs would largely eliminate the epidemic of overdoses.

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