Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Alex Hemingway points out that British Columbia has a long way to go in raising readily-available revenue in order to provide even the essentials of life for its residents. And Toby Sanger examines the foreseeable distribution of Jason Kenney's tax slashing scheme - with the wealthy few (including foreign investors) predictably walking away with a windfall, while most people end up significantly worse off.

- Meanwhile, Andrew Nikiforuk argues that Alberta voters need to make their decisions based on realities rather than wishful thinking about the future of fossil fuels. And Kim Conway writes that current oil sector workers know better than to buy Kenney's line of spin.

- Arthur White-Cummey reports on the dozens of Saskatchewan schools which are being forced to operate over capacity due to the Moe government's refusal to provide adequate funding. And Stephanie Taylor reports on the Saskatchewan NDP's push to protect GSAs from meddling social conservatives.

- Sarah Ghabrial and Sheetal Rawal discuss the reality of Trudeauvian Liberalism which allows for diverse representation in theory only so long a single privileged white male remains entitled to dictate terms to everybody. And Karl Nerenberg examines the pitiful set of default options between Trudeau's fecklessness and Andrew Scheer's frightfulness. 

- Finally, Paul Willcocks offers five reasons to worry about the RCMP's secret monitoring of social media.

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  1. Were Sarah or Sheetal there when the real figure of 695 billion in corporate welfare was finally acknowledged by CBC News for all of 2 secs as the Fraser Institute equally underplayed the significance of that obscene amount simply thrown at these obese entities without any real payback regime or offer of equal value in jobs ever given....? Nah, not these women who have their own damn tired of not simply dealing with the facts before off and this or that tangent....Had enough....Go ahead bring down the Liberals and what we all apply for citizenship elsewhere as we can't abide what in the hell you and every other nay sayers put us all in for....? Ten dark age years and not one of these or any other idiot-know-it-alls have even once compared or referred to the stench that was 10 years of utter tyrannical hell....So what, when and why have all journalists (especially those from the 'how did it make you feel' cabal of CBC News) .....???