Saturday, April 13, 2019

Deep thought

Sure, on the surface one might expect refugee claimants to be displeased to be deported and subsequently killed based on Justin Trudeau's decision to outsource their assessments to the Trump regime. But won't they feel better for having received an empty reassurance they were welcome in the meantime?

(See also: Andrew Coyne and Martin Patriquin.)


  1. Hey, all about being fake and irresponsible at the same time...Yada yada....who cares...Every leader, globally has been or is dealing with the same problem---But here's my question to the Duke-of-Rubes here, whining...where were you when the questions of opening up Pandora's box by first invading Iraq under the admitted to lies (phony WMD's or the asinine babies flunk against the walls in incubators....blow off and stay blown).

    There's a discussion long over due covering massive murders for resources at the expense of taxpayers whose votes never included any of these planned damn well can-it!)

  2. Pardon if too direct but Iraq suffered 900,000 deaths --and all began based on an admitted set of lies in the UN to sneak one past the electorate...But the cost of the Iraqi war was 1 trillion this after all banks had been vacuumed and the bill for all without any prior approval was handed totally over to taxpayers...While asinine entities such as NATO walked away --regime change after regime changes topping off their coffers...and still just like corporations everywhere demanded more...2 to 3% GPD ...Screw them and then some....Check the list of the corporations that are not paying any tax on revenue earned this year but have corrupted the system to gain refunds....Amazons leads the pack of welfare bums....says all about not politics but the system we need to be rid of!