Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Seth Hanlon and Alexandra Thornton review the evidence from the U.S. showing that tax handouts to the rich don't produce job gains for the general public. And Binyamin Appelbaum reports on Janet Yellen's warning that financial deregulation produces bubbles, not sustainable growth.

- Alan Freeman is rightly skeptical about the alarmist rhetoric from a few doctors seeking to protect tax loopholes which allow them to avoid paying normal rates out of their high incomes.

- Ben Tarnoff discusses how the corporate sector is just now beginning to extract value from our personal information - including by tailoring prices to maximize what's charged to each individual.

- Rob Tress writes about the environmental movement's success in ensuring that Energy East and other projects are evaluated based on their full climate impacts.

- Finally, Tamara Khandaker warns not to be fooled by the right's attempts to rebrand itself away from its reliance on bigotry, fear and hatred. And Doug Cuthand highlights how Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party regularly use "rural crime" as a dog whistle for policies intended to atack Indigenous people.

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