Saturday, August 26, 2017

Leadership 2017 Links

The latest from the federal NDP's leadership campaign.

- Evidence for Democracy has released the candidates' responses to its questions about science in Canada. And Canadian Dimension offers replies on key issues facing Canada's left, while Drew Brown suggests that the leadership campaign should be focusing on bringing the NDP closer toward the successes of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders.

- Guy Caron has released his blueprint for success in Quebec - which has served to focus on one of Caron's obvious strengths as a candidate, but also raised questions as to whether the NDP should defer to provincial judgment as to whether to include people who wear religious symbols. And Chris Selley follows up on Ashton's move to largely echo Caron's position, while Chantal Hebert wonders whether the question of religious rights will dominate the rest of the leadership campaign.

- Jagmeet Singh has released his LGBTQI2S+ policy, with particular attention to ensuring services are available to youth. And Charlie Angus has offered up his urban agenda, including making housing a right and facilitating access to nutritious food.

- Meanwhile, Daniel Leblanc reports on a new Leger poll showing relatively little public awareness the leadership campaign in Quebec, but also a strong showing for Caron among those who are paying attention.

- Erin Weir argues that a strong corporate tax plan will be a crucial point for the NDP's new leader, while noting that all of the candidates except Angus have already presented one.

- Finally, Tom Parkin reminds us that the NDP's new leader will benefit from a far stronger party than the one Jack Layton first led - together with some valuable political opportunities.