Thursday, August 31, 2017

Leadership 2017 Links

The latest from the federal NDP's leadership campaign.

- Althia Raj reports on the final membership numbers for the leadership campaign announced this week, showing a similar number of eligible voters to the 2012 campaign (at just over 120,000). And Eric Grenier chats with Aaron Wherry about the significance of the membership totals, while Kyle Duggan discusses Jagmeet Singh's reported contribution to the membership.

- UFCW has announced its endorsement of Singh, while Cory Collins concludes his series of interviews with the candidates with a discussion with Singh. Alex Balingall reports on Alexa McDonough's endorsement of Caron, while Clothilde Goujard discusses Caron's efforts to get voters to imagine a greener NDP economy. And Marc Pare talks to Charlie Angus about his standing as the first round of balloting approaches.

- Helene Buzzetti's coverage of Sunday's debate includes some discussion as to how the most recent dispute over Quebec's Bill 62 its into broader questions about the intersection between religion and politics. And Caron has written about his take on the significance of secularism in Quebec. 

- Finally, Chantal Hebert offers a reminder that there are no guarantees in voting patterns (particularly in Quebec).

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