Thursday, August 31, 2017

Leadership 2017 Platform Analysis - Jagmeet Singh

Having once expressed my concern that Jagmeet Singh would use his front-runner status as a means to avoid releasing much policy, I'll again note that he's instead offered up a detailed and thoughtful policy agenda.

And while much of what he's presented is relatively similar to the contents of Ashton's platform (and in some cases Caron's), a few elements do stand out:
- using the tax system to fight climate change both through taxes on high-emission vehicles, and incentives and rebates toward positive investments;
- providing for the collection of LGBTQI2S+-specific health data to ensure that care is available to meet patients' needs;
- amending the Working Income Tax Benefit both to be phased out more gradually, and to be paid more frequently;
- eliminating tax write-offs for entertainment and other corporate perks;
- providing specific protection for temporary workers, including the application of labour standards and a right to be made permanent within a cumulative total of six months of work; and
- aiming toward multiple additional benefits in federal infrastructure projects, including emission reduction, fair work and community benefits.

Like Angus and Caron, Singh has restricted his policy proposals to a few areas of particular interest. And that's particularly unfortunate given the level of thought put into the ones he's addressed: it would be a plus to see some detail given to areas like health care where relatively little is on the table other than Ashton's broad plans.

But Singh has provided both a strong indication as to which areas he'd prioritize, and a willingness to defend those choices where they prove controversial. And that can only help voters in deciding where to rank him in a strong group of candidates.

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