Thursday, August 24, 2017

New column day

Here, asking why Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts are so willing to offer political cover to the Trump administration (including the now-departed Steve Bannon).

For further reading...
- Ryan Lizza's report on Bannon's relationship with Butts is here. And Adam Radwanski had previously reported on the Libs' strategy of cultivating relationships with Trump's associates before commenting on the latest revelations.
- Zachary Tracer and Matt Townsend reported on the disbanding of Trump's business advisory councils after CEOs decided they weren't prepared to associate with him anymore.
- And Andy Blatchford noted that nothing Trump has done has stopped the Libs from looking for ways to give him a win on NAFTA.
- Finally, Tara Golshan reports on Breitbart News' strategy of continuing to coordinate with the Trump White House. And while I didn't make the connection in the column, it's particularly worth noting that Butts and the Libs are protecting the man behind Breitbart while making political hay out of the Canadian equivalent.

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