Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Melanie Schmitz writes that Donald Trump's plan to hand giant tax goodies to the rich is opposed by nearly three quarters of Americans.

- CNBC reports on the skepticism among U.S. workers as to their future opportunities. And Jim Stanford offers a historical perspective on what's most recently been branded as the gig economy - but which only matches past abuses intended to limit workers' bargaining power and access to benefits.

- Meanwhile, Jessica Chin notes that Canadians are spending an unsustainable amount of their income on increasingly unaffordable housing, while Richard Partington points out increasing spending compared to earnings as another indication that workers are having to live beyond their means.

- Suzanne Fitzpatrick discusses the connection between childhood poverty and homelessness. And Clare Bonnyman writes that food insecurity has far more to do with insufficient income than with food in particular.

- Norman Farrell examines the effects of the B.C. Libs' preference for regulators who were ideologically opposed to their jobs. And Alec MacGillis takes a detailed look at the U.S.' Department of Housing and Urban Development as an example of a public agency crumbling due to the appointment of unqualified management for political purposes.

- Finally, Michael Spratt notes that the Libs seem to be back-tracking on their promise of evidence-based justice policy, and are instead using poll numbers as an excuse to retain mandatory minimum sentencing laws which serve no genuine purpose.

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