Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Mariana Valverde examines how P3 schemes are putting financiers in charge of deciding what public infrastructure to build, while leaving future generations of citizens with massive bills to pay. And the Star Phoenix' editorial board rightly warns Brad Wall against selling off Saskatchewan's public assets - no matter proud his mentor and political appointee Grant Devine is of having done the same.

- Meanwhile, in light of Wall's sudden admission that Devine's judgment is exactly what he wants to put in charge of Saskatchewan institutions, Tammy Robert offers a thorough reminder of Devine's legacy of scandal and destruction - along with the sordid background to his new appointment.

- The Star's editorial board reviews and endorses the case for a $15 minimum wage due to its economic and social benefits. Damin Starr offers an employer perspective on why fair wages make for better business. And Carolyn Egan discusses the work organized labour is doing - and needs to continue - to ensure a reasonable living for all workers.

- Sam Morgan points out a new report showing the health costs of fossil fuel use - and the subsidies which serve only to force the public to pay even more to address the effects of dirty energy.

- Finally, Steven Chase and Robert Fife report that to the surprise only of a government whose export review process was based on wilful blindness and laughable assurances, military vehicles sold to an abusive Saudi regime are being used to abuse human rights.

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