Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Morning Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- The Star's editorial board calls for Canada to take its poor ranking among other developed countries as a prod to action in building a more secure and equitable health care system. And Abdullah Shihipar discusses the need for access to dental care in particular.

- Mike Crawley reports on the attempt by Ontario's business lobby to turn modest minimum wage increases into yet another round of corporate tax giveaways. And David Bush sets out a partial timeline of past and present attempts to cry wolf about the viability of wage increases.

- Meanwhile, Sara Mojtehedzadeh and Robert Benzie discuss the need for Ontario to do much more to protect vulnerable workers. And Ethel Tungohan writes about the Libs' choice to keep foreign live-in caregivers in Canada isolated from their families rather than processing permanent residency applications at a reasonable pace.

- The Ontario Association of Food Banks points out the reality of summer hunger (particularly in families which otherwise rely on school meal programs) as a symptom of a broken food system.

- Alex Soloducha reports on the complete lack of support for Saskatchewan fathers seeking shelter with their children. And the Press Association highlights a new study showing the large number of homeless UK children in temporary housing.

- Finally, Michael Savage highlights the UK's growing housing crisis based on a combination of increasing costs and decreasing public support, while Tim Harford zeroes in on the glaring need to build more homes. Likewise, Stephen Quinn points out that Vancouver's latest housing strategy based on laneway houses falls far short of actually ensuring the construction and maintenance of adequate homes for citizens. And Mindy Esser writes about the similar disappearance of affordable rents in Philadelphia due to housing being treated solely as a commodity - and the need for collective action to reverse it.

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