Saturday, July 29, 2017

Leadership 2017 Links

The latest from the federal NDP's leadership campaign.

- Alex Ballingall reports on Guy Caron's infrastructure and jobs plan which features both a large investment in public works, and substantial improvements in both wages and working conditions under federal jurisdiction.

- Thomas Walkom criticizes Singh's plan to roll Old Age Security into a means-tested benefit. And Stephen Tweedale responds to Walkom directly, then takes a more general look at the politics and economics of universal vs. targeted programs (while recognizing that a fully functional social safety net requires a mix of both).

- Niki Ashton has released her proposals to pursue racial justice - which are noteworthy both in their details, and in being presented to explicitly connect multiple forms of current discrimination as a single issue demanding a response. 

- Charlie Angus writes about the importance of having a party which is both built on a foundation of internal democracy, and oriented toward organizing the unorganized. And Nora Loreto examines the connection between social movements and political parties, while noting (with a particular focus on Singh and Ashton) that movement activists may need to focus on different types of roles depending on the outcome of the leadership campaign.

- Erin Weir takes note of the Libs' plan to close a few tax loopholes for incorporated professionals, and encourages the leadership candidates to keep the NDP in a leadership role in pushing for tax fairness.

- Finally, Kristy Kirkup writes about the candidates' push to sign up supporters as the August 17 membership deadline approaches.

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