Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How low the bar

Susan Delacourt presents a challenge to anybody who thinks it's worth their time to show up for the Cons' "listening tour":
I would be curious to hear from anyone who attempts to ask a question along the way during this tour; whether it is possible to simply show up, ask Mr. Harper what's on your mind, without having to go through a rigorous content vetting or pre-embarrassment check before you get to the microphone. Please send your stories to If you do manage to accomplish this feat, you may have a career ahead in the exciting world of parliamentary journalism. Just not under this particular government.
Now, it's well and good if we can establish that the Cons are indeed screening participants. But even assuming the Cons decide to allow free and open questioning, haven't we learned from question period that that's largely futile if Harper doesn't see fit to provide meaningful answers?

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