Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On exploiters

There are plenty of ways to respond with snark to the Sask Party's use of 9/11 carnage to raise money. But this is one time where even trying to respond with humour would miss the point.

It's never been much of a secret that the Sask Party's underlying philosophy is one of shameless exploitation of whatever it can get its hands on. Normally, though, that's been covered up with just enough of a facade of social concern to try to present the party as somewhat moderate and non-threatening for mass consumption.

Now, the curtain looks to have been pulled back. There seems to be little room for doubt that there's no event so tragic, no human suffering so extreme that the Wall government won't try to make a buck off of it - using the most graphic depiction available for added effect. And while we can fully expect the Martensville constituency (which would end up using the money for environment minister Nancy Heppner) and/or the party to backtrack from its choice of themes and images, the fact that the poster was approved in the first place would seem to speak volumes about a lack of basic humanity within the Sask Party.

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