Monday, March 08, 2010

Not doing their part

The Hill Times goes into detail about the Cons' parliamentary budget estimates. And the most striking (if entirely unsurprising) news is that the Harper Privy Council Office is looking for a huge increase in funding to help it spread the message that everybody needs to sacrifice:
The Privy Council Office is also asking for a $15-million increase to funding, according to the main estimates, for a total of $143,948,000. This includes a $2,000 funding allowance each for the Minister of State (Democratic Reform) and the Chief Government Whip's motor car. In addition, $74,462,000 is for support and advice to the Prime Minister and portfolio ministers; $47,471,000 for "internal services"; $17,243,000 for advice and support to Cabinet and Cabinet committees; $4,650,000 for "public service leadership and direction" and $112,000 for commissions of inquiry. This represents an 11.77 per cent increase over last year's estimates.

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