Thursday, March 11, 2010

An early contender for quote of the year

From Con MP Laurie Hawn, a line whose possible interpretation ranges from an affront to the Cons' supposed belief in openness and accountability to much, much worse:
Oh, and Hawn wants to clarify something -- he did, in fact, make an offer to the vice-chair "behind the curtains, on his side of the House" to meet during the break, and he didn't appreciate being accused of "lying" on national television during the subsequent boycott. The chair reminds everyone, rather desperately, that this is a new year, and can't we leave all that unpleasantness in the past? No, not without Wilfert rather snippily reminding Hawn that he isn't actually the clerk of the committee -- he doesn't organize meetings, via teleconference or anything else, so none of the foregoing actually occurred. The chair adjourns the meeting in mid-discussion, but Hawn carries on from across the floor, repeating that "the offer was made behind the curtains."

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