Sunday, November 13, 2005

The power and perils of bias

No evidence of right-wing bias or insufficient research here, nosiree. From the National Post's article on blogs: is one of the most popular right-wing blogs in the U.S. Its lefty version is

Others with high traffic include, dailycoast,, and the Huffingtonpost. These blogs are essentially electronic newsletters about politics with large, open-ended letters to the editor pages where everyone's "letter" gets published, or posted.
While there's a slight numerical bias toward right-wing blogs (whither TPM and Eschaton?), that could probably be forgiven if it weren't for two other important factors.

Most obviously, I'm not aware of any "dailycoast" blog, and you'd think even an NP writer could be bothered to visit the top left-wing blog in the U.S. in order to get its name right. Second and more subtly, note that all of the right-wing blogs include the full URL to allow readers to find them immediately, while the left-wing blogs in the latter paragraph don't receive that courtesy. In following all the readily-available links in the article, you'd think the U.S. blogosphere was dominated by the right wing...when of course that's far from the truth.

Mind you, the NP article seems dubious about whether the listed blogs have much of a positive effect in any event. So the writer can surely claim she doesn't want to be subject to the scrutiny of having their facts and biases checked publicly. Fortunately, she doesn't have any choice in the matter.

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