Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All too true

Paul Wells comments on the impending election, featuring in particular this gem:
One last thing. The fourth Liberal theme I identify above -- the gullibility of New Democrat voters -- has bugged me for a long time. I don't write much about it lately because (full disclosure) my girlfriend now works for the NDP. But what the heck: if you like the New Democrats but you vote for the Liberals to stop Harper, you profoundly deserve to wind up with a Conservative MP. You're just as likely to wind up with a Liberal who won't do a thing about your issues until he suckers you in the next election. One question we're about to answer is whether the opportunists are the only people in this country with the courage of their convictions.
As noted by Wells, the health privatization fiasco is a great example of the Libs' ultimate refusal to stand up for their supposed core values. But I'm not sure they've ever been quite this brazen in putting politics over policy...meaning that while there is a danger of possible NDP votes flocking to the Libs again, there's also a real opportunity to hold PMPM's record against him.

(Edited to include my comment.)

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