Saturday, November 19, 2005

The nuclear option

Results are in from the provincial NDP convention, and of particular interest a panel discussion decided to reject a resolution to bar the prospect of refining uranium in the province:
A resolution that would have called on the government to stop consideration of uranium refining was defeated Friday afternoon in panel discussions behind closed doors...

Uranium has been a front-burner issue for Calvert since he returned from a trade mission to Asia last month and suggested that China's desire to build nuclear power plants presented an opportunity for Saskatchewan's uranium industry...

Party policy dictates that resolutions defeated in panel are not moved to the public part of the convention.

"I'm told there was a lively debate," Calvert said of the panel discussion.
While I'm not a fan of nuclear energy generally, there seems little chance of its use coming to an end anytime soon. And that being the case, it makes sense for the NDP to at least see whether it'll be possible for the refining process to benefit the province. While there'll hopefully be a more public debate when specific proposals are made, the defeat of the resolution should be the best possible outcome for both the party and the province.

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