Friday, June 03, 2005

Fun with Hansard

Highlights from yesterday:
- The NDP uses its opposition day to bring a motion to implement one recommendation of the EI subcommittee. Liberals suggest that unemployment insurance leads to unemployment. (An interesting idea - imagine how much safer we'd all be from car accidents, fires and natural disasters if we didn't have insurance against them.) Conservatives complain that a 36% reduction in EI premiums since 1994 isn't enough. The Bloc argues that the proposed change doesn't go far enough.
- Some people just don't know when to sit down and be quiet.
- Ed Broadbent goes to town on corporate predators.
- Jack Layton schools Ujjal Dosanjh on private clinics. They're still allowed to talk about policy in Question Period?

More to come, as once again the measures of SSM opponents deserve a separate post.

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