Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cabinet experience

A very interesting discussion between Greg and some commenters on the current status of the NDP. The most interesting point to me is that the main objection to the NDP's forming government seems to be a lack of experience in power, rather than any profound objection to party policy.

While I agree with Josh's E-Group post that there isn't a large experience gap between the NDP and the Cons, it would be a plus if we had a few more MPs with governing experience. With that in mind, which past or current provincial cabinet ministers might be interested in running for the federal NDP, particularly if it seems to have a legitimate chance to form the government?

For the moment I simply toss out the question without having much by way of an answer; Saskatchewan obviously can't spare a single MLA at the moment, and I doubt the previous set of cabinet ministers (Romanow? Lingenfelter? MacKinnon?) is coming back to politics anytime soon.

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