Friday, January 19, 2024

Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Nathalie Grandvaux writes about the causes and impacts of a triple epidemic of respiratory viruses. And Erin Goerlich et al. study the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19, while Beth Mole reports on research showing that COVID vaccinations help protect against strokes and heart attacks which would otherwise be predictable results of infection. 

- Meanwhile, Alexander Quon reports on the Moe government's continued drug policy of harm maximization - and the expert outcry against the deliberate choice to exacerbate the risks of drug toxicity and unsanitary supplies. And Sandra Smiley, Preet Gandhi and Kathryn Haegedorn point out the social harm caused by "evictions to nowhere" - which of course represents an accurate description of the Sask Party's housing policy

- Adam Morton and Graham Redfearn highlight how 2023 was not just the hottest year on record, but the year when the visible signs of climate breakdown stunned even the scientists most familiar with the climate crisis. And Emma Garnett and Charlotte Kukowski discuss how inequality serves as an obstacle to meaningful climate action.

- Finally, Andrew Nikiforuk writes about the need to stop treating the man-made technosphere as somehow more real and important than the natural ecosphere which is necessary to our survival. 

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