Monday, December 04, 2023

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Nandini Gautam discusses the World Health Organization's research showing how COVID-19 damages the human immune system. And Adam Kucharski takes a look at historic accounts of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic as a grim foreshadowing of how history books will look back on the public policy response to COVID. 

- Doug Cuthand calls out the Moe government as falling squarely into the group of obstructionist governments looking to derail COP28 and any other work to avert a climate breakdown, while Jeremy Appel examines the idiocy of Danielle Smith's invocation of a Sovereignty Act to try to avoid any path to reducing emissions from the power sector. Chris Kruszewski and David Ellis point out how the wealthiest and greediest few are the only people who benefit from false solutions and delay. And Arielle Samuelson documents some of the fossil fuel lobbyists who are being allowed to set global climate policy, while Jon Queally points out the particular absurdity of a fossil fuel-sector greenwashing effort based on gradually reducing only the carbon pollution caused by the extracting of fuel intended to release massive amounts of CO2 into atmosphere when it's burned. 

- Clarrie Feinstein reports on the reality that condo construction in Toronto is doing nothing to alleviate the housing crisis when half of the units are being snapped up as investment properties. And Liam Casey reports on the Ford PCs' conclusion that it's far too inconvenient for construction firms to face an investigation into *every single fatality* on their work sites, such that deaths will be lumped together as part of what's apparently expected to be a regular inquest process. 

- Finally, Dylan Matthews discusses the results of a large-scale basic income experiment in Kenya - with multiple payment structures producing economic benefits, but long-term security in monthly payments also creating gains in well-being and mental health. 


  1. Phillip Huggan9:45 p.m.

    I like the ring of fire towns to grow from 2 to four digits population, and then future housing and community amneties will be needed to make up for the winter and isolation. But I do see Q-of-L there surpassing T.O. this century save for 2 factors (both bad for pandemics). It takes purchasing power and history city building to get higher end assets. I'd like people to get ready for space. I imagine there can be 4 pod-races worlds. And they might have a 0.5g tidal wave comet aggregate with 10-100m waves thus interesting hydrology, a Pluto w/ Au, a wandering Ganymede w/ a novel Si atmosphere and landable moon, and a 0.8g Fe member with 1 bar Nitrogen; all within 20 LYs of the rubble and all w/ a continent safe to explore if chemical filtering and sensing is there.
    I'd like to see nanotech researchers locate up north where there are mines rather than historic fura and farming settlement, and that is for low-footprint Earth. I suppose one geration of loading them up with metals and $70k/yr employment is enough to keep prototyping SERS, and SERS big can be flown through to image whether your ship went through Hg or radiation. And the Fe rubble cities we make will resemble the Clay Belt, Premiere and the ring. T.O. is still good but it is hollowing out my 70k/yr young researchers.

  2. Phillip Huggan7:54 p.m.

    The Si air is transparent 1/2 way down and may even lens the ice rarely; enough pressure for some liquid activity. Condensed matter is there, a chalk moon is safe. 2 more objects w/out a Moon.
    Pluto system hit by supernova debris so is a bit radioactive but a shard of 15 elements into Pluto, too risky for me 18 LYs out. Tidal wave world has Be and is 12 LYs out with strange hydrology mild Ozone Layer is a Turkey of aquifer and Aral of foam (detergent) at 3C. Okay system for mining.
    The 0.66g Nitrogen rubble in a system is not stable for big development.
    The airless rotovators go up or forward. We should add freon not steal it from tidal world but adding nitrogen for Freon might be needed. Pluto's star has radiation storms you get a week's notice for. The Cobalt is novel.
    This is the kind of thing I want to lead to.

  3. Phillip Huggan6:53 p.m.

    Upregulating the immune system might work with SERS or another imaging modality more real-time than existing blood tests. The 18 LY away from rubble Pluto is 0.5g (now) w/ water in the shell but the nova flak has buring a good deposit and the flak is radioactive and much of the original planet has chemical dangers, but it has 2 dozen moons, some w/ minerals, system radioactive. It is away from Earth so I might stop by upon leaving, so is the 0.48g 8 LY rubble w/ N; it can be made 0.78g riskily to the N, safer might be 0.58g for hummingbirds...-200C. The Si atmosphere wandering Ganymede has no resources but safe chalk ensures crash landing resources possible. A millenia to get 1 kg of condensed matter. And the tidal wave world is towards us, water can be added but chemical toxins increase. It makes caves and breaks them w/ waves 10m-100m and vents gases too and fro, maybe the best dynamic water weathering around.
    So things like heated sidewalks and resorty facilities as well as good engineering and science hubs.

  4. Phillip Huggan6:01 p.m.

    I'll be at the rubble for 2k yrs; the silica 0.66 diameter rock w/ air has a sun good for solar power so I might launch object in orbit upon exit.
    Developing the clay belt runs into where to put Al smelter, we have enough in one place to survive nuclear 1st strikes. Smithers agri is limited due to Salmon. The Ring of Fire has details I can't machine learn....
    Dharma and Greg revealed Natives were inbuilt for war , capturing US soldiers, when space media beams to earth Drama. Like unreading Dharma, they got sent to the 1st ring of thought like my mom apologized for in 2008. During Covid, additional penalties were imposed: they need university or 140 IQ to design a heatpipe, and normal CC jobs they need to be 20 IQ pts higher than those from Pharoah descent...those were supposed a path to health happiness and utility. Long lasting homes are there w/ 6061/6063 alloy. Also other buildings.
    The ring of fire can offer cheap coffee, cider, milk powder, grains. Health diagnosis can be superior. Recreation and culture is easily better than 1/2 the provinces potentially, an effort to learn is needed. Insulation from metal is inhalable and from degradable substrates a quicker replacement is needed than fibreglass changing. The mines are able to specialize manufacturing Raman for minerals, toxins, pollutants, blood work, as well as other metal products. Instead of tailings we can find a procedure to quickly make the dust fill for airports, roads, foundations. I assume the Red Rive college of the environment is the easiest lab or school to copy up north but workers without the penalty are likely needed at first and then to be supervisors/teachers. Booze and boredom need to change. Next pandemic, in real time our bodies will be dosed immunity from home. That is what SERS invented up there is capable of. There are 6 good hubs up north potentially assuming IT was warm blooded.

  5. Phillip Huggan7:54 p.m.

    I've figured out why progress is only for some. Stated, some have been made to make space war happen in 2380AD and now just act rude.
    For others, activities that challenge you to be a better person are needed to be there. Pinball is strongly correlated w/ progressive culture, I don't know the North of 60 episodes. I just missed the science centre in Windsor/Ont. Space is always challenging at Demios and beyond, so some of us are showing the rest of us what the ancients were legally stuck with for culture. I understand there won't be microfluidics dayz this century. The culture to better yourself instead of arising from universities, will need to arise from the database of Al-Cu buildings we build, and how much they stimulate you and make you try hard to make hot and sour pemmican, or a physical new chrockinole-curling sports, or a new survey sensor combo that factors out vibrations or something. 50 good activities for the kids and 100 for adults until they bail south inevitably in late adulthood. Terrace and New Liskaard aren't too isolated, have agri.

  6. Phillip Huggan9:22 p.m.

    It is technology that makes a Q-of-L community. That's why pinball correlates and only some games and theatre work for a utopia. Too bad you have to drop the sulfur and add it for thermoelectrics.