Monday, November 20, 2023

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Elizabeth Payne reports on yet another COVID-19 wave in Ottawa which is far exceeding both the case numbers and harmful effects of seasonal viruses. And Brian To-Dang et al. confirm that the lasting coronary artery impacts of a COVID infection.  

- Nicole Mortarillo reports on the repetitive pattern of record-breaking temperatures, while Sana Pashankar and Eric Roster discuss the uncertainty as to whether even a shift to net zero emissions will be enough to avert a climate breakdown. And Markham Hislop highlights how Australia is far ahead of Canada in the U.S. in converting to clean solar power, while Bob Weber reports that Alberta is continuing to massively undercount its carbon pollution in an effort to pretend its fossil fuel sector is anything but a blight on our living environment. 

- Mark Winfield points out how right-wing premiers are determined to prevent Canada from having any effective climate policy. And Kristoffer Tigue reports on the Republicans engaged in the systematic burning of any science textbooks which dare to include accurate information rather than fossil-fuel sector propaganda. 

- George Monbiot discusses how humanity is currently a test subject in a reckless experiment as to the effects of toxic chemicals on food supplies. And Claire Thornton notes that environmental and economic policies based on complete submission to corporate interests in the name of growth aren't preventing record numbers of Americans from going hungry. 

- Finally, Justine Toh writes about the importance of preserving one's humanity in a world designed to see people solely as objects to be exploited. 

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