Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Saima Iqbal discusses new research showing how much of the COVID-19 virus people emit while contagious. And Erica Edwards reports on the development of blood tests to help confirm the biological basis of long COVID. 

- Emile Torres warns that the chaotic and catastrophic summer of 2023 may seem mild compared to the climate effects we'll experience in the years to come. And Katharine Sanderson reports on temperature monitoring which shows that we've likely already exceeded the 1.5 degree barrier which the Paris accord was intended to avoid breaching. 

- Gordon Brown points out the obvious reality that fossil fuel extractors rolling in windfall profits need to be contributing to the cost of fighting the climate crisis. But Valeri Volcovici reports on Antonio Guterres' recognition that their naked greed is what's gotten us into the mess in the first place, while Natasha Bulowski reports on the rare call for Suncor's CEO to answer for his plan to push dirty tar sands developments even as the planet burns.  

- Lucas Powers reports that Doug Ford's promise that deregulation and the elimination of rent controls would somehow make affordable housing more available has predictably proven false. 

- Finally, David Prisciak reports on the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission's finding that actual vulnerable children are being utterly neglected by the Moe government when it comes to providing resources to address reading disabilities. 

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