Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Will Stone discusses what's still a limited state of knowledge around long COVID even as it continues to strike - and cause devastating effects - for ever more people. And CBC News reports on Evan Abene's advocacy for continued masking to limit the COVID-19 transmission that's been allowed to run wild. 

- Cory Doctorow writes about Canada's climate greenwashing which has resulted in the planting of monocultural tree farms which have turned into a tinderbox for constant wildfires. And Rachel DuRose points out that many of the few known ways to reduce the temperature increases caused by dirty energy involve other forms of pollution with their own toxic effects. 

- Meanwhile, Louis Sagahun reports on Calfornia's lawsuit seeking to at least make the oil industry pay for the direct environmental damage caused by its climate deception. 

- Ximene Gonzalez reports on the spate of rent hikes and renovictions in Calgary which is driving tenants into homelessness. And Zak Vescera reports on BCGEU's push to ensure that the end of a single tenancy doesn't mean that a needed housing unit loses rent controls and tenant protections.

- Finally, Torsten Bell highlights new research into the effect of populist governments - with the unsurprising conclusion being that those who take government based on resentment tend to produce poor outcomes by any measure other than clinging to power. 

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