Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Damian Carrington reports on a "scientific health check" showing that Earth's life support systems are well outside what's safe for humanity. But Jonathan Cook discusses how an obsession with growth over health and well-being is preventing us from taking any meaningful steps to reverse the damage. 

- Of course, it doesn't help that a secretive but massively-funded campaign by a shadowy network of conservatives is vilifying climate activists - as Amy Westeveldt and Geoff Dembicki report

- Drew Anderson writes about the fallout from the Danielle Smith UCP's decision to ban renewable development in order to keep Alberta's energy system hooked on dirty fossil fuels. And Isaac Phan Nay reports on the B.C. communities working on building a case against the oil industry for its contribution to the climate breakdown. 

- Gary Fuller discusses how the trend toward increasingly large vehicles is exacerbating pollution and other risks to health and safety. 

- Finally, Joshua Hill writes about the reality that the wealthiest few are willing (if not eager) to make life miserable for the majority of the population to enable them to consolidate wealth and control - as a property developer let slip in the course of a public appearance. 

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