Friday, August 25, 2023

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- The Honest Sorceror points out the obvious unsustainability of exponential growth in resource extraction when the mass of inanimate man-made objects already exceeds that of life on Earth. And Andy Thanatogenos discusses how to live with the knowledge that we're on a doomed trajectory, while Ajit Niranjan reports on research showing that anger is the emotion most likely to spur action to try to avert an ecological breakdown. 

- Jane Braxton Little writes that many communities which may consider themselves immune from urban wildfires are in fact at substantial risk due to flammable vegetation and the prospect of "flash drought". And Whizy Kim and Kenny Torrella point out how the effect of extreme heat on workers looks to be one of the major workplace health and safety issues for decades to come.

- Cailinn Klingbeil writes about the UCP's assault on post-secondary education in Alberta. And Adam Hunter reports on the effort by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to protect trans and gender-diverse Saskatchewan students from mandatory outing and systemic discrimination at the hands of the bigoted Moe government. 

- Finally, Helen Branswell discusses how COVID-19 has continued to surge in more frequent and severe waves than normal seasonal illnesses - no matter how determined governments have been to say it's now part of that grouping to justify a lack of mitigation. 

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