Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Rosemary Boyton and Daniel Altman discuss how any immunity from prior COVID-19 infection is waning as time passes and ever-changing variants circulate for want of any attempt to limit their spread. Bobbi-Jean Mackinnon reports on the rising number of COVID-related workers' compensation claims in New Brunswick even as any protections have been wound down. And Steve Wilcox laments that so many Canadian universities have joined the post-truth COVID denialists rather than acknowledging and reducing the ongoing risk to students and staff. 

- Cory Doctorow points out some of the most glaring examples of corporations using inflation as an excuse for blatant profiteering. And Robert Faturechi and Ellis Simani comb through IRS records and find distinct patterns of CEOs cleaning up on conveniently-timed trades in the shares of competitors and industry partners.

- Meanwhile, Tom Malleson writes about the need for a wealth tax to ensure that increasingly-concentrated wealth can be directed to the public good.  

- Finally, Ryan Cooper makes the case for a banking public option in order to ensure the need to access financial services isn't yet another tax and burden on the less wealthy. Guy Dauncey offers some promising ideas to make healthy food more available and affordable for the people who need it most. And Christopher Patterson and Lance Barrie highlight the advantages of 15-minute cities in response to the laughable fear campaign from the petropolitical right. 

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