Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Emma Beddington rightly questions the determination of the powers that be to pretend that COVID-19 never happened - though her attempt to treat an ongoing pandemic as merely a past issue is itself misplaced. Megan Ford discusses long COVID's especially damaging impact on nurses. And C. Raina McIntyre et al. offer a reminder of the role masks play in reducing spread (despite a renewed wave of spin to the contrary). 

- The Guardian calls out the latest attempt by the UK Cons to declare a policy of perpetual booms for capital owners and doom for workers. And Baher Kamal comments on the desperate need to ensure the wealthy around the world pay their fair share as inequality continues to worsen. 

- David Olive rightly questions why the oil patch would think for a second that it can bank massive windfall profits at consumers' expense, then turn around and demand that every available public dollar be handed over as a subsidy for carbon capture schemes. Anupriya Dasgupta discusses how the PR industry has transferred its tobacco playbook into manufacturing equally destructive anti-science propaganda on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. And Caroline Orr Bueno highlights the role of Russian state media as the primary foreign state sponsor of the #FluTruxKlan (which was of course a joint operation with the oil industry). 

- Meanwhile, Andrew Rawnsley notes that an obsession with extending dirty energy production is leaving the UK and other countries far behind international peers in building an economy for the future. 

- Finally, Umair Haque discusses the psychological effects of life in an age of avoidable extinction. 


  1. Phillip Huggan4:56 p.m.

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    I went to Liq World for $2 applesauce when it was also my favourite Brandon rest stop destination. I always knew how to find cheap food learning what babysitters ate and bought, it was clothes I didn't catch on until an adult VV. An Auzzie woman taught me to cook eggplant b4 Covid. You learning in N.A. to eat cheap and healthy as you age.
    We are stuck working until ice moons mining happens. If ions are easy it may be in the 2040's. If not they have to be tankered back. A cultural rebirth in 280 yrs. Some inequality is in-built. I invented consequensial ethics emailing a CRN Director where utilitarianism is stuck on existing paths. Migrants are stuck not integrating since 1982 to superior habits learned when hyroglyphics went on display on pyramids. No one moves to cheaper rent unless their IQ is 140, it should be 80. They will move 100 km away. This isn't useful for the Horseshoe, but Mtl could have a commuter Western Trois R.. For some reason, 1/2 of people from one country attacked me to play the game of arrest me. They would be lucky if all that happens is inequality increases in their home region. Whereas China has been avoiding me except where I have a hard to hire email, ex). China can probably increase their wealth in their own projects without hacking mattering. Russian space physicists won't conquer, but if they have gvmt you'd want them unequal. I think you need an acre of land and $11000/yr if you are applying yourself. Our welfare state is based on ignoring harmless people by funding those who can't do manual labour. But many are either unable to avoid being evil or choosing to so be. We can't hit 10B an Earth population and 4B looks optimal. Because of mine and Obama's triangulation, EM didn't get enough money early, so now he gets all and I'm winning the decadal contest on a cookie diet. And if Texas can't do that since 1982, maybe you want to give my hometown cash even though it only has a sliver of hydrocarbons and only the IR via the paddlewheel. After the mines, water enables the Moon, as per the Traders episode. -40C might be some CCS R+D, IDK the optimal amount.