Saturday, July 02, 2022

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Danny Altmann discusses how infection with COVID-19 tends to produce weakness and long-term illness rather than immunity, while Tom Livingstone likewise notes that reinfection is worse than previously assumed. Hanna Geissler reports on the warning from experts that we're looking at another new wave in the near future, while Patrick Rail talks to Kashif Pirzada about how the worldwide petri dish resulting from a refusal to stop community transmission is producing newer and more dangerous variants on a regular basis. And Carly Weeks reports on Theresa Tam's recognition that misinformation about the severity of COVID-19 and the ongoing need to try to limit its spread is proving to be deadly.

- Hasan Sheikh and Brandon Doucet make the case to follow through on Tommy Douglas' vision for medicare by adding universal dental care. But Jeff Labine reports that the Trudeau Libs aren't even bothering to respond to provinces who are looking to move forward.

- Phoebe Stephens writes about the need for smaller-scale food providers to limit the ability of corporate conglomerates to gouge the public. And Wayne Mantyka reports on the call from Saskatchewan mayors for the provincial government to fill thousands of public housing units which have been left vacant even in the midst of a housing crisis.

- Finally, Karen Geier discusses how the Cons' leadership race is pushing the party even further off any reasonable map of political philosophies into MAGA-land. And Luke LeBrun reports on Pierre Poilievre's choice to lead a march of COVID deniers, violent insurrectionists and secessionists in order to court their support.

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