Monday, July 25, 2022

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Sasha Warren reports on new research showing that people suffering from long COVID may not be fully clearing the coronavirus from their systems even after being treated as having recovered. Steven Findlay writes about the need for public health protections based on the increasing recognition of the harms of long COVID. And Matthew Herper and Lev Facher report on the Biden administration's plans to push for a new generation of vaccines which do more to protect against infection - though it's not clear what resources will be available for the effort. 

- Dean Baker warns against allowing the U.S. Federal Reserve (and other central banks) to be bullied into inflicting an avoidable recession on workers in the name of stifling already-stagnant wages. And Umair Haque writes that part of the increase in sticker prices is the result of the bill coming due for unsustainable practices. 

- Kaija Jussinoja reports on the introduction of armed police into grocery stores to protect the profits of the same tycoons who have enriched themselves through systematic price-fixing. 

- Aaron Wherry highlights how leaders who care in the slightest about public well-being can't afford to ignore the climate breakdown to focus on short-term complaints. But Elise von Scheel reports that the same Trudeau Libs portrayed as Wherry's comparative climate heroes are in fact musing about granting the oil industry yet another delay in addressing carbon pollution. Naomi Oreskes discusses how far too many mitigation plans rely on fictitious large-scale carbon capture and sequestration. And Jane McMullen reports on new revelations about the fossil fuel sector's PR campaign to deliberately sow doubt about scientific fact in order to keep polluting with impunity. 

- Finally, Conor Dougherty and Ben Casselman point out that a downturn in private home building and sales (which is inevitable based on interest rate hikes) is the perfect time for governments to invest in building social housing. 

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