Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Sara Reardon discusses new research showing that vaccination has only a limited effect on the prevalance of long COVID among people who wind up getting infected, while Cindy Harnett offers a reminder that the best way to limit the likelihood of long-term symptoms is to avoid catching COVID at all. Jaela Berntsen looks for answers to some of the questions people still have about masking, including by identifying the need to keep masking after an infection. And Kay Lazar reports on research showing that people who receive Paxlovid may have a propensity to become highly contagious again after their treatment is done.  

- Bridget Kuehn examines the causes of the U.S. mental health crisis, with both the added stresses of the pandemic and a lack of clinicians adding to the burden on patients. 

- David Milstead and Susan Krashinsky Robertson report on Dollarama's doubling of CEO pay even as it slashes even the minimal benefits provided to workers during the pandemic. 

- Doug Henwood points out the increasing proportion of Americans identifying themselves as working-class or lower-class - though it's jarring to see that increase predominantly among supporters of the Republican party doing everything in its power to make conditions even worse for all but the ultra-rich. And Robert Reich discusses the similarities between the Republicans and Russia's oligarchy in using violent nationalism to distract from the systematic looting of the general public. 

- Finally, Jerome Foster, Julia Jackson and Alexandria Villaseñor write that continued dependence on fossil fuels is a threat to national security among other vital interests. And Paul Sutter discusses new research suggesting that we're much further than anticipated down the road toward chaotic behaviour in our climate system (rather than pattern-based damage which can be predicted and mitigated). 

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