Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Wednesday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Rohan Smith reports on new research showing how little of the coronavirus needs to be passed from one person to another to result in infection, while CBC News reports on Quebec's belated but needed decision to hold off on lifting mask mandates. And William J. Barber and Liz Theoharis discuss how inequality and poverty have exacerbated the harm done by COVID-19 - particularly as the pandemic has dragged on and public health measures have been loosened. 

- Meanwhile, DT Cochrane examines how corporations have seen their profit margins soar in the midst of the pandemic. 

- Clarrie Feinstein reports on the CCPA's new research showing that increases in Ontario's minimum wage actually helped generate employment, while also reducing wage gaps based on race and gender. And Nicholas Keung highlights how international students are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. 

- Amy Westervelt discusses the IPCC's inescapable conclusion that the fossil fuel sector is the main barrier to averting climate breakdown - though it's certainly worth noting how that finding was downplayed in its summary. And John Lorinc points out the limited effects of electric vehicles in limiting carbon emissions if they simply lead to continued sprawl. 

- Finally, David Broockman and Joshua Kalla study how Fox News viewers can see their state of knowledge improve after agreeing to view less propagandistic news sources. But Kristin Nelson offers a reminder that many people are drawn toward authoritarianism - with that tendency mapping closely to people's views as to parenting and relationships to power. 

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