Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Adam Miller discusses new research showing nearly half of Canadians have already caught COVID-19 at least once, while Charlie Smith offers a list of proclamations which also serve as reasons why we shouldn't allowing it to spread further. But Michael Lee reports on Peter Juni's warning that yet another new wave this fall is nearly inevitable in Ontario. Will Stone and Maria Godoy highlight why it's still wise to mask on public transport even when it's no longer required, while Jamie Ducharme writes that one-way masking is still far better than nothing (even if it falls well short of evidence-based public health protections). And Beeke Tappe et al. find that yet another side effect of COVID is its making the body more vulnerable to pathogenic molds.

- Harriet Mercer discusses the importance of the IPCC's acknowledgment that colonialism is linked to the climate crisis. And Mark Omara et al. examine how a small number of low production oil and gas wells are producing a massive proportion of the U.S.' fugitive methane emissions. 

- Jacques Gallant queries why the federal Libs are dragging their feet on decriminalizing drug use in order to rein in the devastating crisis of drug poisonings. And Zak Vescera reports on the medical students and other community members fighting for safe consumption sites in Saskatchewan - even as the Moe government makes clear it has no interest in saving lives.

- Finally, Umair Haque rightly coins the term "greedflation" to describe how corporations are exacerbating inflation in order to profiteer at the expense of people who can't afford their price increases. And Arwa Mahdawi discusses how the wealthiest few aren't just richer than they used to be, but also far more self-absorbed in how they accumulate and use their obscene fortunes.

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