Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Jeff Zuk writes that there are plenty of reasons why COVID-19 case loads still matter - making it a sign of gross negligence that so many governments have decided to stop counting and/or reporting them. Bryann Aguilar discusses the obvious links between Ontario's building sixth COVID wave and the lifting of basic public health protections, while CBC News reports on alarming jumps in wastewater viral loads. Amanda Sealy highlights the importance of ventilation as a means of reducing community transmission (while also carrying other health benefits). And Ryan Masters, Laudan Aron and Steven Woolf examine how COVID has affected life expectancy - with the U.S. ranking as an outlier in seeing a continued decline in 2021 while most peer countries saw a partial rebound from 2020. 

- Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Rachel Mendleson and Andrew Bailey expose how the Ford PCs directed much of Ontario's supply of publicly-funded rapid antigen tests to big businesses and private schools. And Sonia Sodha rightly notes that while there are benefits to remote and flexible work, those are largely concentrated among a relatively privileged group of employees.  

- John Bistline, Inês Azevedo, Chris Bataille and Steven Davis write that there's no excuse for delaying climate action debating over theoretical future possibilities when renewable options are ready to be fully deployed. 

- Randy Robinson points out how Ontario's collapsing public services are the product of a failure to secure public revenue - though it's well worth noting that Alberta and Saskatchewan are going just as far out of their way to avoid collecting tax income. 

- Finally, Christina Clark-Kazak makes the case to lower Canada's voting age in order to allow young people to have a say in the decisions that will affect them more than anybody. 

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