Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Katherine Wu warns that another U.S. COVID wave may severely test what's already proven to be an alarming willingness to accept injury and death. Sophia Stocklein et al. find that the effects of COVID-19 include impeding prenatal lung development. Amanda Follett Hosgood reports on B.C.'s failure to track spread in and from work camps. Jessica Wong reports on polling showing that over two thirds of parents recognize that governments have overlooked children's health and wellness, while Alicia Abelson and Sarah Jacobson report on a court's conclusion that the political blocking of masking measures is discrimination against immunocompromised students. And May Warren discusses the options for individual "risk budgeting" - though it's pathetic that our political leaders have refused to engage in the task at the social level. 

- Dylan Short reports on the exodus of doctors from Jason Kenney's Alberta already - and the prospect of far more following suit if the UCP isn't replaced by a government with some interest in a functional medical system. 

- Markham Hislop writes about the International Energy Agency's plan to quickly slash fossil fuel use - with the twin benefits of both facilitating a clean energy transition, and making people less vulnerable to oil sector price gouging. And both Alex Chapman and the Guardian's editorial board point out the comparative folly of cutting gas taxes, which redistributes wealth upward, incentivizes continued pollution and enables the fossil fuel sector to seize even more windfall profits

- Finally, Amanda Schepak discusses Mary Anna├»se Heglar's work trying to break the oil industry's stranglehold on public policy decisions. 

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